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Documents from the second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements accessible on the IHS website

IHS aims to provide an overview of Habitat II conference country reports and other documents.

IHS joins the Erasmus Graduate School

On June 3, 2015, IHS has officially joined the Erasmus Graduate School

IHS successfully hosted the Urban Sustainable Development Goal workshop (SDG11)

SDG 11 proved to be a success with many urban experts planning to take the discussion to the next st

UMDSU Research and exhibition on Rotterdam Tarwewijk

Brazilian Science without Borders students proposed a holistic plan to improve the attractiveness an

Professor Frank van Oort appointed as the new Academic Director at the IHS, Erasmus University

Dr. Frank van Oort appointed as Professor of Urban and Regional Economics at IHS

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55 years of educating urban professionals!

As the institute of urban management of Erasmus University Rotterdam, IHS has developed into the leading international knowledge center with over 55 years of experience in applied knowledge for urban management and development. Operating on a global scale, IHS offers post graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research.