IHS homepage

'Europa Expresse' magazine writes about SUSTAIN project

Interview with Stelios Grafakos about SUSTAIN project

Russian Heritage Delegation visited IHS

Pictures from the Russian Delegation visit at IHS

IHS Alumna blogs about experience studying at IHS

IHS alumna shares her experience and her daily escapades being a student of IHS

TRANSIT FP7 EU project launches new web hub

TRANSIT web hub offering easy search/access to transformative social innovation resources

IHS celebrates the UMD10 Graduation

IHS students graduate from MSc. in Urban Management and Development Studies

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55 years of educating urban professionals!

As the institute of urban management of Erasmus University Rotterdam, IHS has developed into the leading international knowledge center with over 55 years of experience in applied knowledge for urban management and development. Operating on a global scale, IHS offers post graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research.