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IHS at the UIA in Durban South Africa: "Architecture Otherwhere"

IHS will be present during the 15th International Union of Architects World Congress, 3 - 7 August 2

The SUSTAIN Project is gearing up for the promotional seminar.

''Learning for the Cities of Tomorrow'', on July 8, 2014 in Beijing, China

Wave Surfing in Rotterdam

Wave surfing in the heart of Rotterdam? Yes it can be done!

Wikipedian in Special Residence at IHS

IHS donates a collection of slides to Wikipedia and stimulates experts and students to write about u

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55 years of educating urban professionals!

As the institute of urban management of Erasmus University Rotterdam, IHS has developed into the leading international knowledge center with over 55 years of experience in applied knowledge for urban management and development. Operating on a global scale, IHS offers post graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research.