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IMPACT: Andrea Fitrianto (Indonesia)

Community Architect at Arkomjogja, Yogyakarta

Andrea Fitrianto is a young Indonesian architect who has been working for several years with the Jakarta-based NGO Urban Poor Consortium (UPC) – most particularly the UPC’s large project helping villages rebuild after the tsunami.

Andrea was one of the team of architects who spent almost two years in Banda Aceh, working with Uplink on its project to assist the Udeep Beusaree Network of 26 coastal villages to completely reconstruct their houses and villages, after they were destroyed during the catastrophic December 2004 tsunami. That was some incredible architectural support work. Andrea Fitrianto’s publication about the Aceh province of Indonesia was among areas worst hit by the Asian tsunami 2004, was published under the name “Fitrianto - "Reconstruction of Life" in Post Tsunami Aceh.
Andrea got a scholarship to do the Master course on Urban Management and Development (UMD4) at the Institute for Housing Studies (IHS) in Rotterdam, and his thesis was on community upgrading in Thailand and Indonesia.

“In autumn 2007, I joined the batch of UMD4 and during the year, I have met remarkable friends, classmates, and professors. It was a complete intellectual life which fulfills my curiosity in urban development and slum upgrading."

As part of his studies, Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) helped to make arrangements for him to spend a month working with the team of architects at Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) in Thailand, tagging along and learning as much as he can during that time about the Baan Mankong Community Upgrading Program. The publication on “Community architects in Asia – design with by for people” was published in 2010 on ACHR.net website, with the contribution of Andrea Fitrianto.

Andrea’s hobby is to make pictures of his works, one of his portfolio is a new bamboo footbridge in Philippines.
On the occasion of IHS 55th and EUR 100th anniversary, Andrea has sent his message of the IHS-EUR impact to his life:

"Being at IHS helps me to put together my own experience with experiences of my international colleagues with guidance from accomplished trainers and professors. Its ample access to urban and housing knowledge database, especially which came from the Global South, helps me to know the current trends and to get familiar with ongoing debates on the field. IHS is a key opener to an ever expanding network of urban professionals."

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