Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Since 1990 IHS and Erasmus University Rotterdam have been closely collaborating through the Urban Management Centre that was created with the establishment of the international master programme on Urban Management and Development (UMD). From 2003 onwards, the cooperation was strengthened, as IHS has officially become a part of the Erasmus Holding.

IHS is located in the heart of the Woudestein campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. This joined location enables sharing of knowledge resources and expertise within the entire university: the IHS staff and course participants make use of all the facilities and advantages provided by Erasmus University Rotterdam that, in turn, benefits from the international expertise and international development programmes of IHS. 


Erasmus University Rotterdam, founded a century ago by Rotterdam merchants and businessmen, has close ties with its home city and surroundings. These remain the university’s testing ground for development, transfer and application of new knowledge in the fields of health and prosperity, administration and culture. At Erasmus, thinking and doing is in our DNA, as is knowledge that works, knowledge that is pragmatic and socially relevant. In a nutshell, knowledge that has impact.