IHS Alumni International

IHS Alumni International (IHS AI) is a network of urban professionals that was established in 2009 in response to the need for all IHS alumni to stay connected. It's primary aim is fostering professional ideas and support.

It's objective and slogan is 'sharing urban knowledge' internationally.

Please find out more about the establishment, set up and board of IHS Alumni International.

IHS Alumni international structure

The graphic illustrates the structure of IHS Alumni International. The network incorporates the Local IHS Alumni Associations and a group of active members, which is governed by a board.

The IHS Alumni Relations office is officially a board member and supports the network, while it has a mediating function connecting IHS staff and current course participants to the Alumni.
The organization of IHS Alumni is structured in such a way that both on an international level and on a local level, IHS alumni can benefit from the IHS alumni networks.
Information on local alumni networks/associations.

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