IHS Alumni International Urban Professional Awards

IHS Alumni International Award is an initiative of IHS Alumni International to identify, recognize and award individuals and/or institutions from around the world who contribute to urban management and development, through outstanding initiatives and innovative practices. In October 2016, IHS AI will present the award to an outstanding city changer during the Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador.

This year, IHS Alumni International introduced the "Youth Urban Professional Award", alongside with the already existent "Urban Professional Award". See below who were the nominees and the winners!

Introduction and Objectives of the Award
In 2009, IHS Alumni International (IHS AI) was founded to foster global exchange between urban professionals. In furthering its mission of helping to create a better urban future for all, IHS has, by way of its Alumni Body, invited nominations from across the world for its first Urban Management and Development Awards.

Out of a deep sense of conviction that cities are the engines of growth for both developed and developing nations, IHS Alumni with the support of IHS wished to support the work and dedication of urban professionals that have been visionaries in establishing initiatives and innovative best practices for the betterment of the quality of life for city dwellers.

These awards are brought to you by IHS, IHS Alumni International and UrbAct.

Eligibility for the Award
The award presented a unique opportunity to acknowledge one urban manager for his/her exemplary and outstanding contribution to the management and development of urban spaces and the promotion of more liveable cities (to promote effective urban development and management)

Nominations are accepted from IHS Local Alumni Associations from around the world and IHS staff body. Those nominated did not have to be an IHS alumni.

IHS Youth Alumni International Award
We now also accept nominations from the IHS Local Alumni Associations and IHS staff body for the IHS Youth Alumni International Award for urban professionals between the age of 18 and 35, as well as for youth organizations. 

The Nominee’s Profile
An outstanding urban professional (manager, academic, practitioner, community or NGO based) that has performed exceptionally well - to be demonstrated by visible results in any of the following themes:

  • Urban Social Development e.g. Eradicating urban poverty, Social inclusion in urban development -Youth, Gender, Vulnerable groups, urban agriculture and promoting food security etc.
  • Promoting good urban governance and management.
  • Environmental management and sustainability in urban areas like urban lakes or urban park systems, Climate change, Green cities,  flood protection, and Risk and Disaster management.
  • Land and Housing e.g. Building effective sustainable human settlements e.g. through land & tenure security, and slums/settlements upgrading; Housing policy; Housing right; Land management and development; Urban redevelopment.
  • Infrastructure provision e.g. Water & Sanitation, urban waterfront enhancement, Transportation strategies e.g. Development of BRT systems, metro systems, road creation or improved of city biking infrastructure, etc.
  • Local Urban economic development, macro-economics and economic geography e.g. Innovative Financing and Urban Equity.
  • Technological innovation-Integrating ICT in urban development.
  • Cultural enhancement and development e.g. Revitalization of historic centers.
  • Urban Competitiveness and Resilience

 Nominators' Requirements

  • The nominator should get an approval from the nominee (e.g. through an email) to share nominee’s information.
  • The nominator will demonstrate innovative application of the nominee’s achievement’s with the submission of project information of both before and after scenario in the nomination form, and provide relevant supporting documents as indicated in the nomination form.
  • Nominee does not have to be an alumni member of IHS.

Selection of Winners
A panel of judges will be appointed to select the winners based on the information provided by nominators, IHS Local Alumni Associations and IHS Staff. After a thorough and careful selection of exceptional nominees, the top 3 winners will be selected. All nominees will also be given a certificate.
Download the Nomination form and Selection criteria.

The Jury

Claudio Acioly
Head Capacity Building at UN-Habitat

 (United Nations Human

Settlements Programme)

Emiel Wegelin
Senior Urban Economist

and Institutional Specialist

Kees van Rooijen
IHS Director

The Winners
The IHS Urban Professional Award 2016
The IHS Youth Urban Professional Award 2016