The Board of IHS Alumni International

Meet IHS Alumni International Board, elected for 2014-2017

President: Mansi Jasuja, India (living in the Netherlands), Alumna UEM, 2000-2002

Tasks: Main coordinator of all activities

IHS alumni need to help mobilise political will in their countries to sustainably manage the urban growth in their cities. Most importantly, we need to tap into our alumni to feel their reflections on what the future needs to hold for urban management. I envision a strengthening of the IHS alumni association through organising opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase knowledge, pride, participation, volunteer involvement and commitment for sustainable development.

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Vice President: Bernard Abeiku Arthur, Ghana, Alumnus UHM2, 2000-2001

Tasks: Budgeting and formal/structural organization

I believe that, over the next few years, I can collaborate with the other members of the Alumni Association to make an impact with three principles - INVOLVE, IMPROVE AND IMPACT. Over the period, I hope we can strengthen the association, build the financial base and get some excitement and strong sense of belonging among members and affiliates.

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Events and Communication:  Tanya Gaurano, Philippines, Alumna LMISR8, 2011

Tasks: Publicity and communications

As Communications Officer of the IHS AI Board, I envision a more lively and active knowledge and info exchange among members of the alumni network, with the alumni taking a more active part in the discussion and contributing to the urban agenda.

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Representatives of the IHS Alumni Relations Office

Charmae Pyl Nercua, UMD5, 2008-2009, Marketing and Communications Officer

A proud alumna myself, I am deeply privileged to join the IHS alumni relations office and get to significantly contribute in the strengthening and expansion of the IHS AI network. Creating synergies and productive partnerships between our alumni, IHS and the world of urban professionals globally is one of the many goals I want to pursue and hopefully achieve during my stay in IHS.


Eni Bejko, Alumni Relations Office Intern

I believe the work done within the Alumni Relations Office is crucial. Enabling old students to stay in touch with each other, as well as with IHS and new students creates long-term personal and professional links. These connections allow the cooperation between alumni in improving urban development policies all over the world. I hope to assist in strengthening these partnerships and in growing the IHS Alumni International group even further.

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IHS Alumni International Board (2012-2014)

IHS Alumni Relations Office would like to express gratitude to the previous IHS AI Board: Julia Skinner, Pamela Ogonya, Patricia Susanna and Randolf Wilson for their contribution to building a strong IHS Alumni network around the world.