IHS Alumni Relations Office

After 55 years of making cities work IHS covers a network of over 8000 urban professionals worldwide. A network that encompasses a wealth of experience, knowledge and coverage in our field of work. After all, our alumni are the people who make cities work. Whether policy makers, city-planners or consultants, they are also our colleagues, contacts and professional network. The IHS Alumni Relations Office works towards the development of an interactive and active alumni network of people all over the world who share common roots at IHS.

Support and services for alumni

Any questions regarding support and service for IHS Alumni can be directed to the IHS Alumni Relations Office at alumni@ihs.nl.

Update your contact information

In order to keep in touch, communicate and exchange information it is very important to have up to date contact details of IHS Alumni. Simply click the icon below to update your contact details.


IHS Alumni online

A great means to stay in touch with us and to network with your fellow alumni internationally is the professional networking website LinkedIn. Please create your own account on LinkedIn and join the IHS Alumni group! We also host an official IHS Alumni Group on Facebook called "IHS Alumni". Please connect to us!The IHS Alumni Relations Office updates the network pages with news on vacancies, calls for publications, conferences and other news.


Request for copy of diploma
Holland Alumni
Network of Netherlands alumni who studied at Dutch Higher Education Institutions supported by the Dutch government (www.hollandalumni.nl).
Erasmus University Rotterdam Alumni
Also, all IHS Alumni are also EUR alumni. Find out more information on the benefits and activities EUR organizes for it's alumni and check the reports from IHS alumni.
55 Years of Impact
IHS honors its alumni that have dedicated their carreers towards creating a better urban future for all. We are proud of what they have achieved.