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In 2003 IHS joined the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our office is located on the same student campus as EUR on Woudestein Campus in Rotterdam. All IHS diplomas are officially conferred on graduates with the EUR logo and credentials. As a renown Dutch Research University, the EUR also works on alumni relations and policies.

EUR Alumni Network

All IHS Alumni are also EUR alumni. Find out more information on the benefits and activities EUR organizes for it's alumni.

For the past years, Erasmus University has been publishing the Erasmus Alumni Magazine in Dutch. The Central EUR Alumni Office is still working on the English version of this magazine.

IHS Alumna Mansee Ball shares her thoughts during the Erasmus Alumni Thanksgiving Dinner

The EATGD was a good networking evening and an opportunity to know some activities that the Erasmus Alumni are involved in. It was also an evening to discuss how and what an alumni can contribute to the university. The evening was primarily filled with discussions on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Strategic Philanthropy. The evening will remain special to me because I met Rector Magnificus, Prof. Dr. HG Schmidt, in person.

In the inaugural speech, Dr. Schmidt introduced the ‘Erasmus Scholarship’ Vision and explained how it is aimed to bring less privileged talents from every corner of the world to the university. Following him, the Director of the Erasmus Centre for strategic Philanthropy (ECSP) presented the statistics of social philanthropy in the world. He also highlighted the need to develop Philanthropic work into strategic model and how under-explored is the discipline, particularly in academia. He aims to capture this opportunity for Erasmus University through ECSP. This was followed by a presentation on real-time philanthropic initiative. The Director of Biblionef, Netherlands presented how Biblionef aims to reach out with books (new) to the bookless children at the remotest part of the world. It was a touching moment for all the people present, when a Documentary was shown about the way Biblionef network functions and how the children feel about the books.

Now looking back, ‘how and what an alumni can contribute?’ I feel that the alumni network is actually much more than a network base. Project like the ‘Erasmus Scholarship’ is definitely a long term vision which can be widened through CSR of the Alumni base. It is one of the oldest ways in which alumni support their universities globally. In order to make the ‘Erasmus Scholarship’ a bigger activity within the university, it will be interesting to explore a strategic model for management of Alumni Association. It is also important to build future alumni base through the current students when they are still around in the campus. Student-alumni meet highlighting the role of alumni will make alumni more involved and the students more participative in future. A philanthropic initiative directly at the grass-root level such as the Biblionef is also a good initiative that an Alumni Association can explore. Such opportunities within university can make the Alumni Association more meaningful and content.  

As a strong believer of the positive strength of alumni-network, I support and wish the Erasmus University Alumni Board, a success.

From my PhD Diary 
Mansee Bal