IHS Alumni Association Indonesia

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Mellyana Frederika
Jl. Parasitologi No. 16 Bandung – Indonesia
Urban Management Course (UMC) 7 | 2000-2001
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In Indonesia, there are about 600 alumni scattered throughout the country. This number came as a result of long cooperation between IHS and The Government of Indonesia since early 1980. IHS has provided numerous courses for government official on urban and housing issues.

Started from 2000, IHS has received broader range of students from Indonesia. In addition to government officials, IHS accepted participants with background from academic institution, non-government institution, and even private company. This is additional value that give Indonesia alumni association a colorful profile and extensive network.

Communication mainly managed through a mailing list (ihs-indonesia@yahoogroups.com) and Facebook page. For those who would like to become a member in the mailing list can subscribe by sending email to ihs-indonesia-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

The association was revitalized during an alumni dinner held in November 2009. It was a fruitfull meeting where alumni from the year of 1980s up to the latest alumni (2008) able to attend the meeting. During that time, all participants agreed to appoint Mellyana Frederika as coordinator for Indonesia association. 

Another meeting was organized in the year 2010. The agenda was to discuss about the workplan of the association. During that meeting, it was agreed that the association will not have a legal basis and the main objective is to provide a medium for all alumni to get connected, share memories and more importantly ideas among alumni.

Last month, in October 2010, another dinner meeting was organized. The dinner was an initiative from EUR alumni association in Indonesia and ISS (Institute of Social Studies) in cooperation with IKANED (Ikatan Alumni Nederland – Assocation of The Netherlands Alumni in Indonesia). Deputy of Regional Development and Local Autonomy from National Planning Agency gave a short view on regional development in Indonesia. The presentation received a positive response from participants.

One future plan that IHS Indonesia Alumni Association would like to organize is a workshop on specific topic as needed by most alumni. A proposal will soon developed and resource mobilization shall take place. A max 5 days workshop is preferable since most alumni will not be able to take long leave from the office.

IHS Indonesia Alumni Database has been updated as well and this can be used for the association to start to connect to most of its alumni.

It is a challenge to maintain communication among alumni that scattered throughout the country. To gather most alumni will require significant funding. At this moment IHS Indonesia try to establish a sub-national representative but this hasn’t operate well due to lack of activities that allow those sub-national representative to come and attend the meeting that up to now always take place in the capital of Indonesia.