IHS Alumni Association of Kenya (IHSAAK)

The objectives of the Association are:

•    To create and maintain a network of IHS alumni  across the country
•    To enhance connections and networking opportunities between its members, the Government and other stakeholders
•    To organize lectures, seminars, workshops, cultural activities from time to time.
•    To provide networking opportunities through the development of programs and initiatives that will foster relationships among alumni
•    To act as a liaison between local Alumni , the IHS Rotterdam and other IHS Alumni association worldwide
•    To participate in activities contributing to continued education and professional development.
•    To publish a publication at regular intervals
•    To act as a resource and support network for the alumni

This will be through promotion and strengthen bonds of friendship and technical cooperation between the people of Kenya and IHS staff and other global alumni, and to give its members an opportunity to meet and socialize in diverse activities thereby enhancing mutual friendship and understanding.

This being a newly established association, it has plans to make tremendous achievements. Some of the plans include:
•    Establishment of a working secretariat;
•    Organize Networking forums
•    Organized various seminars/workshops and other  capacity building programmes  such as Hazardous Waste Management, LED ,EPM
•    Education tours and cultural exchange programmes among others.
•    Production and circulation of both annual and quarterly newsletters;

Eligibility for membership:
A person is eligible to become a member
•    if he /she has studied any course offered by the IHS
•    been honored by the IHS Alumni Kenya association

The Members of the Association are divided into the following category
•    Full Member (diploma and short courses, Studied Masters and  Doctorate programme)
•    Honorary members (Individuals and institutions who have outstandingly supported activities of the Kenya Alumni or IHS locally )

Entrance Fees
The entrance fee payable by members is as follows;
•    Registration fees is Kshs. 500
•    Annual subscription renewal fees is Kshs. 1,000

The Mandate of IHS alumni Association of Kenya:
•    Recruit new members who have studied in IHS and are back to Kenya
•    Advise the returning participants on re-integration to the Kenyan society.
•    Produce and circulate both annual and quarterly newsletters
•    Organize socio-cultural functions.

To be a sustainable world class alumni association and leading think tank in the African region; creating value to its members, partners and stakeholders.

To mobilize membership and tap its pool of expertise to provide service for socio-economic development while maintaining strong cultural and technological links.


Our skills, our development

Core Values
1. Integrity
2. Commitment
3. Professionalism
4. Accountability & Transparency
5. Efficiency, Effectiveness & Innovation

Structure and Core Functions

1)    Chairperson
The Chairperson will preside at all meetings. The Chairperson is the liaison to the IHS Alumni Office, oversee the actions of the organization, and initiate proposals and delegate responsibilities accordingly. He is responsible for the integrity of the Constitution, making sure the organization follows the Constitution, and initiating changes in the document when necessary.
2)    Vice Chairperson
The Vice Chairperson's assist the Chairperson in his/her responsibilities and preside over meetings in the absence of the Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson succeed the Chairperson should the Chairperson resign or otherwise be removed from office.
3)    Honorary Secretary
The Honorary Secretary deals with all the correspondence of the Association under the general supervision of the Executive Committee. He also convene Special General Meetings as is provided for in the constitution
4)    Honorary Treasurer
The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing, under the direction of the Executive Committee all monies belonging to the Association and for issuing receipts for monies received and for preserving vouchers for monies paid.
(b) The proper maintenance of the Accounts of the Association and otherwise ensuring they are properly implemented.
(c) Keeping the Executive Committee appraised of the financial status of the Association and rendering such advice pertaining to financial matters as may be required by it.

This structure is meant to help the association achieve its functions in a manner that is coherent, consistent and cost-effective is bound to undermine the overall effectiveness towards achievement of its goals and mission.

Organizational Structure
•    Executive Committee
•    National Coordinator
•    Support Staff

For more information about IHS Alumni Association of Kenya, please contact:

Mr. John Gitonga 
Director, Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development Studies (IGS)
Email: John.gitonga@gmail.com
P.O. BOX 68156 – 00200, NAIROBI, KENYA
TEL: 254-725 959272 / 257 731 480672 

Ms. Naomi Gitau
Senior Compliance and Enforcement Officer
National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) 
EMAIL: nngitau@yahoo.com 
P.O. BOX 67839 - 00200
TEL: 254 720 705850