IHS Alumni Association Nigeria

The IHS Nigerian Alumni have resolved to reinitiate the Alumni Association Nigeria with a view to apply the knowledge and network gained over the years through training at IHS towards ‘Making Cities Work’. As an IHS Local Alumni Association we are connected to IHS and the IHS Alumni Relations Office.

The IHS Alumni Nigeria will encompass all those that benefitted from IHS education.  All members will be given equal opportunity to perform. The association will possibly be registered with the corporate affairs at the National level to grant it legitimacy. There will also be memorandum of understanding signed between Nigeria branch and IHS to ensure sustained interest from both parties.

With the association possibly registered with the Corporate Affairs in Abuja, the Association will engage in activities that will promote the human settlement issues in City Management (land and housing sectors). This could be achieved through
1. Projects formulation at national or local levels,
2. Organize workshop or special training for relevant policy makers and alumni in collaboration with IHS. 
3. Render support to prospective IHS students,
4. Render support to visiting IHS staff,
5. Organizing refresher courses for alumni,
6. Publish articles in IHS newsletter
7. Build up a mini library and other support document
8. If possible establish IHS bookshop
9. Organize National or Sub-regional (West African) conferences for all Alumni with the support of IHS.
10. Collaborate with major stake holders in the built  environment

For more information please contact: 

Barnabas Atiyaye
Managing Director, Envicons Team Consultants, Ltd.
email address: batiyaye@enviconsteam.org

Tyohemba Desmond Chieshe
Senior Programme Officer
Women Environmental Programme (WEP), Abuja
email address: chieshe_d@yahoo.com