IHS & I Programme

A student's journey starts with looking for a study programme, then choosing one, applying and eventually enrolling and attending their desired course. The Marketing and Communications department at IHS guides the students along this process and makes sure they are fully informed and receive the help they need. However, this route does not end when they arrive at IHS, since we want our students to be fully connected and active also during their one year Master's programme and afterwards, as alumni.

This is why we have created the IHS & I programme. This programme was designed to include students' opinions and evaluations in the improvement of communication materials and information provided online. In the six sessions of this programme students are briefed on the professional benefits the network of IHS can provide during their programme and after graduation as alumni. 

The programme includes two career support workshops and an alumni day in which students are trained in developing their career plans, analyzing their personal strong points and discuss the career possibilities of an IHS degree with former graduates of the same programme.

Lastly, the M& C department welcomes the students to the fourth phase of their student cycle: the alumni status. The IHS Alumni Relations Office is part of the department and with a dedicated alumni officer to provide service to the network of 7500 alumni who work as urban professionals worldwide.

Overview of the annual IHS & I events/activities

IHS Ambassadors application and selection November
Election and introduction of the new IHS ambassadors November
IHS Career Workshop I November
IHS Career Workshop II December
Focus group I December
Ambassadors photo shoot and testimonials January

Focus group II

IHS Alumni Day May
IHS Graduation Day September


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