Ms. Barbara Zamora

Current job position: 

  1. Research Assistant (Urban Strategic Planning Specialization) at Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  2. Real Urban Intervention Consultant, Rotterdam. (Ik Ben Zoho)

IHS experience:

As an economist with work experience in the developing world, my job is not only limited to looking into more effective and efficient ways in the use of dwindling resources but also looking into innovative ways  to improve the quality of living of people by developing a more equitable and sustainable growth. Therein lies the main reason  I chose to specialize in Urban Management and Development because in that manner I truly wanted to understand the environmental, social and economic factors which come into play interactively in city living conditions.

Hence, IHS opens the door for new and exciting experiences since I have the opportunity to mix with people from all around the world and all walks of life improving my knowledge and understanding of different contexts and cultures. In a class environment, lectures are open to new ideas and suggestions so the classes are enhanced with real examples and interesting stories about urban dynamics.

Moreover, IHS has an outside-campus learning methodology where students have the opportunity to attend outside workshops and learn by carrying out particular projects. It is well noted that one of my biggest achievement can be thanked to this learning methodology whereby I had the opportunity to apply the theory by publishing with two of my classmates a no-cost neighborhood magazine called “Ik Ben Zoho” which is a participatory communicative project aiming to interconnect residents and workers lives and experiences in a Rotterdam neighborhood by raising community awareness".