Mr. Guilherme Marins Rebelo

IHS gave me a theoretical base to view cities in different ways whilst considering different scales and urban actors, ranging from the policy makers to the most important actor of all - the urban dwellers. Always taking a careful look on how individuals perceive their immediate neighborhood and their city at large and how we can practically facilitate the creation of sustainable projects and programs in both Brazil and the Netherlands.

Ms. Laurie Guidobono

To make cities work, IHS empowers students to critically think and become citizens who change their environment through knowledge. I am proud to be a part of this team! Being an exchange student in the Netherlands is the best of two worlds: top-quality education and an amazing living environment leading to major personal development

Mr. Eduardo Zdanowicz

Current job position:

Eduardo is currently working at a private company as an Urban Designer and Urban Planner. He develops plans of urban renewals, such as re-design of parks and streets, master plans and urban infrastructure plans, in partnership with municipalities, local business and private companies.

IHS experience:

IHS is all about networking and exchange of experience between students, teachers and lecturers from different countries around the world. It changed my perspective of what an urbanist can do to improve the livability of a city. Nowadays, working as an urban designer and an urban planner, I apply all the knowledge that earn during my year at IHS and I try to change the situation of Brazilian cities that are demanding an urban revolution.