Ms.Tianqi Zhang

Rotterdam is a city with an inspiring atmosphere of creativity, contrast and individuality. Studying here has been an eye-opener for the way I perceive the world.

Ms. Feifei Wang

I am so enjoying the academic atmosphere at IHS: my fellow students all come from different cultural backgrounds. It is rather interesting to share our different experiences and work together. The professors and lecturers at IHS are so enthusiastic and friendly. They have been very patient with all my questions and problems. Between professors and students, there is no strict hierarchical relationship but rather a warm friendship.

Ms. Li Li

Studying at IHS is very challenging. It focuses both on theoretical issues and the practical aspect of the subject as well. At the same time, it provides you with the opportunity to learn about other people culture. We had a lot of fun, whether in class or during our spare time and the whole experience has had an important impact on our lives. I really value the time together with everyone and it was a special year for me, as I think it was for the others. IHS is equipped with many excellent lecturers. I like this atmosphere that can give us not only knowledge but also teach us how to learn.