Mr. Carlo Capra, Italy

Current job position:

Carlo graduated from IHS 2014, following a specialization in Integrated Planning and Urban Strategies. During his studies he developed a citizen participation initiative for a neighbourhood in Rotterdam. He is currently working in the Urban Strategies and Planning department, developing IHS connections with a wide range of initiatives in the city of Rotterdam and supporting IHS research and education activities.

He is also employed by the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN), where he is involved in research and communication activities.

Prior to joining IHS, he worked in the private sector as well as a researcher for UN-ECLAC in Chile.

He also holds an MSc in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University Milan (2011) and a BA Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Institutions from Bocconi University Milan (2008).

" The UMD programme is not only about theories. There are a lot of practical work involved. I was able to directly apply what I have been learning & develop a real urban intervention together with other fellow students".

Mr. Francesco Maria Orsini, Italy

Current job position:

Francesco currently works for the Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies of the University of Eafit (URBAM), in Medellin, Colombia as the Team leader in the consultancy department. His task includes developing different plans and projects at the local, regional and national scale with a multidisciplinary and strategic approach, and working for the public (mainly) and private sector.