Ms. Esther Adedeji

Studying in IHS has fulfilled more than my expectation of an advance education in a multi- cultural and urban focused classroom. It has broadened my view not only about best practices to being an urban manager but has given me the opportunity to interact, study, learn and to be integrated with other students from 31 different countries. I believe the educational experience from IHS has brought out my potential of becoming a global agent of change.


Mr. Taslim Alade

My experience at IHS has been impactful! Learning about implementation strategies on how to make a city function and understanding the dynamics around its sustenance will definitely bring innovations to my city back home


Ms. Oreoluwa Fika

Current job position:

Lecturer at IHS - Urban Land and Housing Specialist

IHS experience:

At IHS, there is a blend of individuals from different professional background and culture which makes things very interesting in the classroom. Together, we learn from highly experienced lecturers and from one another. IHS lecturers comes from different parts of the world and amazingly they have experienced knowledge from diverse countries in the world.

We also go on exciting and informative excursions and have the chance to hear from several guest lecturers who share their expertise with us.  The knowledge learnt is not only relevant and rich but also very practical. I have learnt a lot about my country and other parts of the world and I now feel equipped to handle the urban management and development challenge.