Ms. Elizabeth Asiimwe

Studying here at IHS has been an incredible experience for me mainly because of the multi-cultural setting we work with and live in, the informal relations—not just between ourselves as students, but also with our lecturers, the course bureau and everyone we come into contact with. This spirit of togetherness and trust is what makes it a warm and welcoming place. It gives you a sense of belonging. You don’t try to fit in but rather, it feels like the natural thing to do. The academic atmosphere is good and I have enjoyed it every step of the way. I will tell about it in my home country and given the opportunity, I would come back.

Ms. Erina Nalunga

20 countries, diverse cultures, different nationalities and various academic backgrounds,” is what it is at IHS. I have learnt to respect, live with and appreciate this multi-cultural setting in-spite of all the differences. The studies and assignments given focus on and apply to my work environment and the modules are well designed to meet that objective. The horizontal interaction between students and staff makes you feel at home, there are no ‘bosses’ at IHS. Being at IHS has been and still is a great life experience for me. I have learnt so much outside the academic arena as well since Netherlands is a country of ‘I do it myself’. My best experience is of course learning how to ride a bicycle something that I had never conceived in my mind that it could happen. I therefore encourage others to go for it.