GIS and Climate Change Adaptation


Dates and duration
From 17 November to 5 December, 9 days over 3 weeks (evenings and weekends)

Course manager
Urban Solutions

Tuition fee
1500 USD

Partner organisation
Spatial Decisions Vietnam
68C Tran Quang Dieu Street
O Cho Dua Ward
Dong Da District, Hanoi
TEL/ FAX: 84-4-35378404

Objective of Training
To deliver a training program which combines the technology of Geographical Information Systems with an understanding of specific technical domains, working towards an integration of the use of GIS for the identified technical area of the training program.

The training provides:
·    Lectures on concepts and theory
·    Training on software use with relevant data
·    Time to practice the use of the software
·    Guidance on how to intellectually integrate GIS and the applied purpose of their interest

Structure of Integrated (GIS + Technical Domain) Training Program: Building on the use of GIS and linking it with key technical areas will provide the trainees with a sense of “Applied GIS” for the chosen domain. The implementation of each course is done by Spatial Decision in partnership with an organization with domain expertise. 

The domains where GIS and technical substance can be readily converged are:
·    Disaster Assistance and Management
·    Flood Disaster Management
·    Climate Change Adaptation
·    Costal Zone Management
·    Urban Planning
·    Agriculture
·    Infrastructure Planning (Water/ Waste Water)

Target group
Target group will be civil servants and private sector employees and students. It is understood that the courses are designed for individuals working at different governmental/ non-governmental organizations and that the participants will have a working knowledge of computers, MS Office, and internet use, in addition to being able to communicate in English.

The programme will be given in the evening hours and weekends and will include home assignments. The actual number of contact hours is 48 but it is expected that participants will spent approximately an additional 24 hours on assignments. Participants will share computers (max 2 people per computer). Resource people will be international and national experts in the field of GIS, Urban Planning and Climate Change.