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We compiled a few resources to help you spread the news about the 'Empowering Cities and Citizens' conference in your own networks. Below, you can find a long description of the event, alongside with a ready-made text for social networks and links to the IHS channels and ready-made posts to share easily. In the Downloads section, you can find the conference leaflet, visual and gif. Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact our Communications Officer, Stefana Cozan.

Long description

Find out more about the conference, programme, tracks, venue and organisers below.

About the conference

The Empowering Cities & Citizensconference gravitates around cities and their dwellers. In a constantly urbanising world, many challenges and opportunities arise at every step. To answer these challenges, we strive to make cities vital, well-managed, liveable, sustainable and fair. We can only achieve that with professionals that are equipped to handle complex urban challenges.

As urban specialists, we aim to stay learning constantly and to achieve synergies through co-creation. We aim for better outcomes to wicked urban problems by fostering collaboration and cross-fertilizing ideas.

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Visit for details on programme, tracks, venue and registration.


The conference takes place on 6-7 November at Maassilo (6/11) and Woudestein Erasmus University Campus (7/11). The first day features a full-day programme which includes keynote presentations, plenary panel discussions and breakout sessions, whereas the second day ends at noon.

Besides keynote speeches from prominent members of the academia and local government representatives, we organise two panel discussions on: ’Solving Wicked Urban Problems’ (e.g. housing, social inclusion, mobility, migration etc.) and ‘Sustainable Development Goals implementation’.

You will also be able to choose from various breakout sessions, which run on three threads:

  • People: How to harness human potential in cities?

  • Places: How to develop sustainable living environments?

  • Know-how: How do cities learn and co-create?

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The main venue of the conference is the Maassilo, an iconic building of Rotterdam, due to its ingenious reconversion from industrial grain silo into event location. The second half day of the conference takes us to the Erasmus University Campus, Woudestein.


The conference is a celebration of the 60- year anniversary of the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), the 105-year anniversary of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and of the first year of the Vital Cities and Citizens (VCC) Erasmus Initiative. The event is organized in collaboration with Citymar Consultancy (Robbert Nesselaar) and supported by the Erasmus Trust Fund.


About IHS

IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University was established in 1958 with the aim to improve the quality of life in cities, to reduce poverty and to develop human and institutional capacities through research, advisory and education. IHS offers a Master’s program in Urban Management and Development, several short courses and a PhD program. 


Visit for details on programme, tracks, venue and registration.

For any further questions, please contact:
Stefana Cozan

Marketing and Communications Officer
IHS, institute for housing and urban development studies


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