David Schelkshorn

David Schelkshorn

Academic Assistant in Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice

David Schelkshorn is an Academic Assistant in Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice. He finished his bachelor's studies in Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology and holds a master's in Urban Geography from the University of Amsterdam. During his previous studies and work, questions about cities' housing markets and related socio-spatial dynamics particularly evoked his interests.

David has experience in both quantitative and qualitative research. During his master's in the Netherlands, he worked at the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations (AFWC). He conducted research on vacant property management in Amsterdam and the relationship between housing suppliers and users in this context. For his second master's thesis in spatial planning at the Technical University of Vienna, he researched informal rental housing practices in a resettlement site in Chennai in India. The thesis project was funded via the Short-term Scientific Projects scholarship of TU Vienna.

At IHS, David is involved in preparing and implementing the Developing Social Housing short course, teaching about social housing in Vienna. He is also involved in coordinating the Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice Master track of the Master in Urban Management and Development and various research and advisory projects.

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