Indriany Lionggo

Research Assistant

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Indriany works as a part-time academic assistant for two cross-cutting specialisations - Urban Economic Development and Resilience and Urban Land Governance for Sustainable Development. She supports the organisation and management of the master and short courses in both specialisations. She also supports project management and acquisition in regard to proposal writing, content contribution, project execution, communication and coordination of project partners, and administrative support. She has coordinated a one-week action planning as part of the master programme and she was involved in tailored-made-trainings (TMTs) funded by Nuffic. Additionally, she also works at C40 Cities as a workshop coordinator for the Climate Adaptation Academy based in Rotterdam. She manages event logistics in coordination with the host city and incoming cities, from developing the masterclass planning, to liaising with the financial and legal team to ensure all expenses are in line with both C40 protocol and additional Funder’s requirements.

She is interested in the topic of urban planning in a city and its characteristics to make a city thrive. She is also interested in the relationship between cities and climate change in the topic of tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of all urban citizens. Furthermore, she has a background in architectural design through her bachelor study in Australia and has gained experience working as an architect.