Jean-Paul Corten

Senior Specialist in Urban Heritage Strategies

Email address
+31 (0)646 211 205

Drs. Jean-Paul A.M. Corten (1963) is part time positioned at IHS by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. He is a senior specialist in Urban Heritage Strategies, focusing on integrated conservation, linking heritage conservation to urban development. Jean-Paul obtained his degree in History at Utrecht University, after which he specialized in planning. He started his career as a researcher in the history of technology at Eindhoven University and later became research coordinator at the Netherlands Institute for Industrial Heritage. Currently he is employed as senior policy officer at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and. He is involved in many urban regeneration projects abroad.

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J.P. Corten, Planning the Past, Building the Future. Future Perspectives of Stone Town’s Historical Urban Landscape (Zanzibar 2012).
J.P. Corten and L. van Roij, Poldering the Past. Future Perspectives of an Ancient Dutch Polder System. In: J. Hernik and K. Gawronski (ed.), Spatial planning and development as an instrument for shaping and protecting cultural landscapes (Kraków 2011).
J.P. Corten, N. Clarke and E. Perez, Mapping Maputo. Report on the Maputo Field Studio (Pretoria/Maputo 2010).
J.P. Corten, Bridging Cultures. Future Perspectives of the Historical Sites of Bulgary and Sviyazhsk in the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan 2009).
B. Bizet, J.P. Corten, D. Rypkema, D.A.J. ter Steege, D. Williams, Azerbaijan, Study for the Institutional Set-Up of Cultural Property Management (Rotterdam/ Baku 2008).

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