Marijk Huysman

Senior Expert, Urban Sociologist

Marijk Huysman is an urban sociologist specialized in the fields of urban environmental governance and management; integrated solid waste management (ISWM); and participatory planning and community participation. She has over 20 years of working experience as lecturer, advisor and researcher in projects and assignments in countries in the South as well as in the Netherlands.  As a professional social worker, she was also for over 7 years involved in community development work in a number of Dutch municipalities.

Before joining the IHS in 1997, she worked as a research associate for the Faculty of Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam, and at the Institute for Development Research of Amsterdam. From 1993-1995, she was co-coordinating a DGIS research project in India related to formal and informal linkages in solid waste management systems. During this period, she built up extensive experiences in collaborating with local authorities, research institutions and Civil Society Organizations.   

Within IHS, she is coordinating the Urban Environmental Management (UEM) specialization and is involved in various educational and training activities covering subjects such as environmental policy- analysis; participatory environmental planning and management; sustainable livelihood strategies; urban safety and integrated solid waste management. She also lectures at the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering (IHE) – UNESCO Water Institute in Delft (since 2002) on ISWM and on intercultural collaboration and communication and at the Hogeschool Rotterdam (since 2006) where she is involved in the minor “ International Development”.

Marijk has educational and consultancy experience in Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, The Philippines), Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, South-Africa, Uganda, Zambia), Central Europe (Albania, Hungary), Latin-America (Brazil and Ecuador) and The Netherlands. 



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