Ogenis Brilhante

Lead Specialist in Infrastructure and Green City, Associate Professor

Dr Ogenis Brilhante (PhD. Environmental Science, University Paris XII, Paris 1999) is a Lead Specialist in Infrastructure and Green Cities. He is part of the Urban Sustainability & Climate Change Resilience Department, which includes the Infrastructure & Smart Cities Master track of the MSc in Urban Management and Development and the professional short course "Green Cities for Eco-Efficiency”.

He has initiated the Urban Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience thematic area (former: Infrastructure and Green City thematic area) in 2013 by developing the IHS Green City Concept and two tools: one to measure green city performance and the other to develop a Green City action planning to help cities become greener. The thematic area has become very successful with high student counts, publications and international projects.

Ogenis has completed more than 50 assignments in more than 25 developing and transitional countries working for different bilateral and multilateral agencies as well as governments and non-governmental organizations,

His skills, acquired in more than 20 years of experience, involved capacity building, research and advisory projects focused on environmental planning and quality, infrastructure management, sustainable development, climate change, disaster risks, sustainable energy, water & sanitation and green city.

He has a certification on ISO 14001 and he is the author of two books: Municipal planning and management (English and in Chinese) and Environmental Impact Assessment (English and Arabic) and several publications in peer-reviewed journals.

His research interest covers infrastructure asset management, environmental health, sustainable development, sustainable energy and green city. Currently, he is working on research involving infrastructure and green city performance, as well as green city relations with sustainability, liveability, healthy cities and competitiveness.

From 1990 to 1999 he was Associated Researcher and Professor at The National School of Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in the eighties, he worked as an Environmental expert and sanitary engineer with the national environmental agency and with Ceara environmental provincial agency in Brazil, and a Researcher with the Sena-Normandy water agency in France.


The urban expansion and compact city debate in the context of Mozambique: research project, 2016. Research funded by City Alliance.
Green City and Green Growth Action Plan in Melaka, Malaysia Melaka (2015-16). Project funded by ADB.
Guest speaker and panellist of the 2nd Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific Congress 2016 and the 3rd ASIA THINK TANK SUMMIT: Inclusive Knowledge Partnerships for Development.
Green Home: Promoting Sustainable Housing in Nepal (2013 – 2015). European partner, Project funded by EU and coordinated by UN-Habitat Nepal.
Strengthening Curriculum Development and Knowledge on Pro-active Urban Flood Disaster Management for KPI: TOT course. Bangkok, Thailand, 2012 (Dutch funded project).
Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change for Malawi government staff including the organization and guiding the visit of Malawi delegation to Maputo, Mozambique to get contact with the local flood early warning system.  Lilongwe, Salima and Maputo. World Bank funded project (2010).
UN-Habitat Capacity building program for IUTC in Ganwon Province, South Korea on sustainable urban energy and Eco-restoration (2008 and 2009).
Reviewer of the UN-Habitat source book on Urban Energy for medium and small cities in Asia (South Korea, 2009 and 2008. 
Tailor made program for the Chinese Association of Mayors on European experiences with Energy Efficiency and Sustainable urbanization (20 Chinese mayors and deputies attended the program in Rotterdam in 2012. Chinese funded project.
Environment expert to evaluate the technical, managerial and financial sustainability of the Fayoun solid waste disposal facilities and their impact on the quality of the local surface water. Fayoun  2005, Egypt.
Environmental Management and Sustainable Developmentfor China Environmental Agency. China, 2003 (Beijing, Zaoun).
Trainer and adviser for Netherlands sponsored Capacity building project for Minister of Housing training institute (THRUD/UTI) in Cairo on Environmental (EIA) and water/sanitation infrastructure management focused on land fill, drinking water, drainage and waste water. Cairo 2004 to 1999.

Brilhante, O. Klaas, J. (2018). Green City Concept and a Method to Measure Green City Performance over Time Applied to Fifty Cities Globally. Sustainability,10,2031  http://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/10/6/2031/pdf

Brilhante, O. (2017). The compact city versus making room for future city expansion in the context of Nampula, Mozambique. TRIALOG 128, Vol. 1,  December 2017. www.tralog-journal.de

Brilhante,O., Sharma, S., Pujari, S., Shresth, N., Bajracharya. A., Adhikari, A. Strengthening supply chains for a sustainable housing sector in Nepal: Factors influencing the organization, management, relationships and the adoption and use of green practices, products and services. International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains (IJMVSC) Vol. 8, No. 1, March 2017

Brilhante O. Compact city versus making land for future city expansion in the context of Nampula, Mozambique. Forum Urbano Nacional, Maputo 7 and 8 Junho, 2016.

Mansur, M; Brilhante, O., (2011). Introducing Strategic Environmental Assessment into Spatial Planning in Egypt: benefits and constraints. Proceedings of the URBENVIRON CAIRO 2011. 4th International Congress on Environmental Planning and Management... December 10 – 15, 2011 – Cairo and El-Gouna, Egypt

Brilhante, O. M (1997, reprinted in 2010) Brazil’s Alcohol Programme: From an Attempt to Reduce Oil Dependence in the Seventies to the Green Arguments of the Nineties., Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 40(4), 435-449,1997 CARFAX, UK

Brilhante, O., El-Hefnawi, A., Sherif, D. (2004). Integrated approach to EIA training: Egypt, Ghana, Brazil and the Netherlands. UTI and IHS, Edition in Arabic/English.

Brilhante, O., Ed Franc. (2003). Municipal Environmental Planning and Management. IHS editions, 236 pg, Rotterdam.

Brilhante, O. M.; Tambelini, A. M.T. (2002)Particulate Suspended Matter and Cases of Respiratory Diseases in Rio de Janeiro City (Brazil). International Journal of Environmental Health Research, vol. 12, pp 169-174, issue 2. UK.

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