Ronald Wall

Head of Urban Competitiveness and Resilience, Economic Geographer and Urban Planner, IHS. Full Professor, School of Economics and Business Sciences, Faculty of Commerce Law and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Ronald Wall (PhD. Economic Geography, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam 2009; Urban Planning, Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning Rotterdam, 1998) specializes in regional and urban economic development and planning.

Ronald is the Head of the Urban Competitiveness and Resilience (UCR) department at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). UCR was initiated by Ronald in 2011 and has become very successful, with high student counts, top academic publications, international projects, and a four year track record of cum-laude students.

He holds the endowed Chair of Economic Development of the City of Johannesburg at the School of Economics and Business Sciences (SEBS), Faculty of Commerce Law and Management (CLM), at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), Johannesburg. The chair is financed by the Municipality of Johannesburg and endorsed by the Mayor’s office.

During the period of 1991 to 2001 he worked for urban planning offices like OMA (Rem Koolhaas), MVRDV (Winy Maas), West 8 (Adriaan Geuze) and the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM); working on planning in China, Ghana, South Africa, South Korea and various European countries. In this period he received a presidential letter of commendation from President Nelson Mandela for the project Housing Generator: Between Integration and Fragmentation, concerning South African township development and urban integration, and also received several international design awards.

Between 2001 and 2009 Ronald has been professor in urban planning at the Berlage Institute and taught at the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Academies of Architecture and Urban Planning. In 2006 and 2007 he carried out a four year contract research for The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (RIVM/MNP), concerning urban development and sustainable world city networks. In 2008 he worked for the South Korean government on the development of a new town “Saemangeum” in South Korea.

Ronald completed his doctorate in Economic Geography at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2009. His doctoral thesis Netscape: Cities and Global Corporate Networks (2009) concerns empirical research on the economic flows taking place between cities worldwide and its impact of on their urban performance and development. 

Due to his dual career, he has published in both urban development journals (see cv), as well as more recently in leading economic geography journals e.g. Economic Geography, Journal of Economic Geography, Environment and Planning A, European Planning Studies and Applied Economics. In May this year his research for the OECD’s African Economic Outlook 2016 was published and is very well received globally. In 2016, he featured in the UN-Habitat Global Urban Lectures series, with an online presentation called Global Economic Competitor. 

Over the past three years Ronald initiated and is in the process of developing the new State of African Cities Report 2017 (UN-Habitat) called “The State of African Investment”, which explores the changing position of African cities within global networks of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The presentation unveils regional and sectoral differences across the African continent; social, economic and environmental determinants of FDI; and the identification of four major FDI case cities: Cairo, Abidjan, Kigali and Johannesburg. The approach advocates the need to match urban competitiveness and network analysis methods, and aims at sustainable city investment. Ronald has helped finance this international project through the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Currently Ronald is Senior Research Fellow at the Turku School of Economics, Turku University, Finland. He is also currently Urban Research Director at the prestigious Moscow School of Economics and Strelka Institute in Moscow, concerning development economics and urbanism.

Ronald’s research concerns global and regional economic development, inter-city network analysis and urban planning studies. Current researched topics are happiness economics, urban economic competitiveness, foreign investment developments, smart cities, regional studies, food security and green economy.

His skills include econometrics, network analysis, geographic information system (GIS), strategic planning and urban design. His key interests are to integrate urban science, urban planning and urban design processes, with the aim of achieving resilient and sustainable cities. Ronald’s work emphasizes the importance of understanding cities across local, regional and global scales, and how network interactions between these scales affects the development of urban agglomerations, with the aim of achieving higher competitiveness and resilience.

Selected publications

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