Safira De La Sala

Expert, Urban Land Governance

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Safira De La Sala, MSc, is a trained lawyer and a PhD Candidate in Urban and Environmental Planning at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, with a visiting period at the Center for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law at the Utrecht University.  She is particularly interested in the governance shifts environmental change poses to urban planning, how different legal systems are coping to adapt, and which role do planning laws and property rights play in promoting (as through land-based financial tools), or blocking, resilience.

At IHS, she is part of the Land Governance team: researching, lecturing on the Master program with an emphasis on the land and water relationship, co-supervising theses, cooperating in curriculum development and in project-acquisition.

Since 2015, she is a lecturer for the Latin American and the Caribbean Program of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and coordinates the long-distance course “Land Policy and Planning Instruments for Climate Change Adaptation”. 

On a side note, she also volunteered on slum upgrading in Brazil, as Latin American representative at the UN-Habitat Youth Advisory Board (2012-14), and on women empowerment and mentoring of Arab-Israeli teenagers in Israel.


De La Sala, S; Maldonado, M.L. y Alterman, R. (2019). Políticas del Suelo, Derecho Urbano y Cambio Climático: Instrumentos urbanísticos-tributarios como medidas para enfrentar al Cambio Climático, Etapa 1: Identificación de de mecanismos de financiamiento locales y estudios de casos. Working Paper, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

De La Sala, S; Guaraldo, E. (2014). Planos diretores de redução de riscos de desastres: Comentários ao art. 42- A do Estatuto da Cidade. Revista Brasileira de Direito Ambiental, RDA 75 (Jul-Sep 2014).