Citizens in the smart city

Although the term 'smart city' buzzes through many academic and municipal hallways, few citizens know exactly what it means, whether it affects their urban daily life, and whether they should bother. In this talk, Liesbet van Zoonen will address the need for citizen engagement in smart cities, and present three instruments developed at the Centre for BOLD Cities to foster such engagements: these are data dialogues, data walks and a data game.

About the speaker

Liesbet van Zoonen

Liesbet van Zoonen is professor of popular culture and dean of the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities (EGSH) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Liesbet is also the academic director of the Centre for Big Open and Linked Data (BOLD) Cities. She has written about (new) media, citizenship and identity. Her research currently focuses on data and cities.