Career opportunities

Wondering what's your city-changer dream job? You could be a...

A career in urban development offers quite a wide range of job choices. You can work in different areas, sectors and specialise in something you're passionate about. With the increasingly fast expansion rate of cities, urban professionals are more and more in demand. Curious about what your options are? We listed a few positions, if you want to get a better idea of what's in store for you. If you want to see how IHS graduates are doing, have a look on our alumni page!

Our alumni include ministers, mayors, successful businessmen and renowned NGO specialists. Participating in any of our programmes provides entrance into international networks of urban professionals, institutes and capacity building initiatives. Participants will benefit from the extensive network of IHS, including an alumni association with over 8,000 members and contacts with donor agencies and training centres. IHS is engaged in over 100 urban programmes and projects at any point in time, enabling a direct link between theory and practice. IHS lecturers have worked all over the world thus creating a possibility to discuss and initiate programmes and projects in your country and your cities.

Career prospects as an Urban Management and Development graduate

  • city/town planner
  • local government officer
  • housing officer
  • transport planner
  • accessibility specialist
  • infrastructure planner/manager
  • facilities manager
  • heritage preservation specialist
  • civil service administrator
  • community development worker
  • urban economy and finance specialist
  • environmental manager
  • urban environment officer
  • urban risk reduction expert
  • city resilience specialist
  • climate change expert
  • urban reconstruction specialist
  • social & resettlement specialist
  • spatial planner
  • real estate developer
  • consultant/advisor in development projects
  • research coordinator