OAS Scholarship

Organization of American States Scholarship (OAS)

The Organization of American States (OAS), through the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE), the OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC) and the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies (HIS), are offering scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in the Urban Management and Development Master's programme.

How much is the scholarship?

The OAS Academic Scholarships of a complementary nature and do not intend to cover 100% of the scholarship recipient’s expenses. The scholarships have a monetary cap up to US$15,000 per academic year. Not all OAS scholarships offer the same benefits. Benefits are allocated on a case by case basis. Benefits may include:

  • Roundtrip airfare (from the sponsoring country to the country of study);
  • Tuition and mandatory fees;
  • Yearly books allowance (US $300 for onsite studies / US $1,000 for online studies);
  • Health insurance (for onsite students only);
  • Monthly complementary subsistence allowance (for onsite students only). The complementary subsistence allowance is a fixed amount. Therefore, in case you are selected for a scholarship, you will have to demonstrate proof of additional funds, before the OAS issues your scholarship contract, for your monthly subsistence allowance.

Am I eligible?

You can apply for this scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

  • Provide an unconditional admission letter to IHS;
  • Submit a complete scholarship application with all supporting documents;
  • Be a citizen and/or permanent legal resident of any OAS member state ;
  • Have not received other scholarship from the OAS for the same level of studies and/or program of study as advertised in this announcement;
  • Not be an OAS staff or individual who maintains employment contracts with the OAS or a staff of a Permanent Mission to the OAS or immediate relatives of a staff of a Permanent Mission to the OAS.

The scholarship section criteria is as follows:

  • The merits and overall credentials of the candidate, including his/her academic and professional background;
  • Geographical distribution of the applicants, taking into account the greater needs of the smaller and relatively less developed economies; 
  • Applicants whose proposals portray the highest potential for impact upon return to their countries of origin; and
  • Gender diversity. 

When is the deadline?

To apply for this scholarship you need to have applied for the master’s programme at IHS by May 1st 2018*.

The deadline to apply for the OAS scholarship is June 1st 2018*.

How do I apply?

Stage 1

To apply for this scholarship applicants will need the following documents:

  • Online Application Form
  • Copy of the educational diploma certificate for your highest degree obtained (Bachelor of Master)
  • Copies of the transcripts of grades for all academic degrees that have been completed or are to be completed.
  • Three recommendation letters
  • Curriculum Vitae.

Stage 2

Applicants must scan al the required documents into one PDF file and upload this file to the online application.

For more information regarding the documents required to apply for this scholarship or the application procedure please read the information on the OAS scholarships website.

*These dates are tentative and may be a subject to change. Please check our website regularly so stay informed.

How do I find out more?

For more information please see the OAS Scholarships website. You may also find our frequently asked questions and master’s course information page useful.