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    The international heart of IHS

    Did you know that every year here at IHS we welcome more than 200 students from over 45 nationalities? 

  • Alumni Spotlight: María Ruiz de Gopegui

    María is an IHS alumna who graduated from the Urban Management and Development Master's.

  • Students at IHS studying

    Tips on how to put together a successful university application

    A guide to applying at IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • Rotterdam Central Station

    Rotterdam: the best city to study urban development in!

    The Netherlands is ideal to study Urban Management, with good case practices from the field at every step.

  • IHS people walking through yellow walls

    Orientation Year / Search Year

    The Search Year is a great way for international students in the Netherlands to ease into the local job market.

  • Rotterdam Erasmus bridge

    How popular is urban management really?

    The concepts of urbanism and urban planning have been around for as long as cities have existed. 

  • Housing in Rotterdam city center

    How to find a house/room in Rotterdam

    Getting the opportunity to study in one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands is very exciting! On the other hand, realizing what preparations must be taken for the studies can be very scary.

  • Settling down in Rotterdam

    Over the past few years, the Netherlands has grown to be one of the most attractive destinations for higher education in the world with a rapidly increasing number of internationals. 

  • Alumni Spotlight: Oleksandra Tkachenko

    Oleksandra comes from Ukraine, and joined the Urban Management and Development Master programme in 2015, choosing the Urban Strategies and Planning specialisation. 

  • Rotterdam architecture

    June is Architecture month!

    June is Architecture month in Rotterdam and thus, a great opportunity for urban management enthusiasts to overbook their agendas with niche events from the very generous offer.

  • Alumni spotlight: Rozita Singh

    Rozita Singh is from New Delhi and came to the Netherlands to join IHS as part of the Orange Knowledge Programme. She graduated from the Urban Management and Development Programme.

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    10 things to bring with you to the Netherlands

    Moving to the Netherlands to study is both an exciting and daunting experience. Ensure that you have the packing side of things taken care of with IHS's definitive list of what to pack. 

  • 10 reasons to study in the Netherlands

    Despite its size the Netherlands attracts large numbers of students from far and wide and it is more than just the windmills and clogs that are enticing them. Here are 10 reasons why they keep coming.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Crinezza Mendoza

    Crinezza Mendoza is an IHS alumna, originally from the Philippines.

  • Where to live in Rotterdam

    Where to live in Rotterdam

    Congratulations! You have secured a place to study urban management and development at IHS. To help you find a place to live, this article will explain some of the popular areas to

  • IHS alumni

    Welcome to EUR Connect!

    The Erasmus University Rotterdam has over 120,000 alumni, who work as economists, philosophers, doctors, historians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, social scientists and form a strong and

  • Rotterdam architecture

    Six reasons why Rotterdam is the best city for urban planners

    Rotterdam is a city of innovation, constantly striving to remain at the cutting edge of modern architecture. Here are six ways that Rotterdam inspires urban planners today. 

  • Alumni Spotlight: Mubeen Ahmad

    "What I enjoy the most is not making buildings, but creating livelihoods".

    Mubeen Ahmad is an IHS alumnus, who graduated from the MSc programme in Urban Management and Development (UMD7).

  • Food and the City Conference IHS

    IHS Students host Food and the City conference

    IHS students host a conference to present the findings of their project Food and the City.