Tirana Design Week International Conference – Foreseeing Uncertainty: Design and Non-Normativity

Start date

Thursday, 19 Sep 2019, 16:44

End date

Sunday, 22 Sep 2019, 16:44

TDW - TIRANA DESIGN WEEK is the very first event entirely dedicated to design in Albania and is created with the aim of tackling the manifestations of creativity, with a specific focus on the contemporary context. During the last 5 years, some very interesting phenomena are emerging in the artistic debate. The global financial crisis and the geopolitical situation created a prolific ground for nationalistic rhetoric and totalitarian visions in Europe. The creative industry and especially design cannot remain indifferent to changes in the general mindset where the richness and diversity of the contemporary society is continually being questioned.


What the conference is about:

As an integral and substantial component of Tirana Design Week 2019, the International Scientific Conference aims at exploring contemporary research activities and design tactics that deal with the topic of non-normativity in design from different perspectives and within different fields of interest, directly or indirectly related to design, architecture, urban studies, sociology, environmental research, engineering, education and pedagogy. The Conference’s purpose is to bring together academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, and professionals, to exchange and share their experiences and research results related to design speculations in times of Uncertainty and Non-Normativity. The main theme includes interrelated issues, each of them calling for a variety of interdisciplinary approaches. The event will be divided into substantive sessions, providing the opportunity to focus on specific areas from their perspective and national experiences.

In which contexts?

Within this broader framework, four contexts (Research and Methods, History and Theory, Innovative Processes, Philosophy and Objects) and a series of keywords (…) have been identified to trace the path for the debates and discussion. Each participant is free to choose the main contexts and to select one – or even two when needed – subtopic that can structure the research framework of his contribution. Papers from the fields of design, sociology, architecture, urbanism practices, business, leisure and cultural studies, geography, anthropology are welcome, as much as other sciences not mentioned above.

With this premise, the conference will be a great opportunity for academics – and professionals - from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research outcomes; to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions and to establish long-lasting contacts with professionals in other countries and institutions.

So, we invite you to contribute with papers and presentations, as well to participate in ‘The 1st International Scientific Conference of the Tirana Design Week 2019.’

Who can participate?

The Call for Papers is addressing researchers, professionals, and experts, who have developed relevant studies in the fields of design, architecture, business models, leisure, social studies, engineering, anthropology, etc., in the framework of the Foreseeing Uncertainty: Design & the Non-Normativity’ theme.

Each participant is free to choose one of the four main contexts – and related keywords – to attempt to investigate the topic non-normativity in Design from his specific and unique point of view.

Tirana Design Week aims to:

  • Empower the fields of Design, Architecture, Art and Culture as key elements in the development and integration processes of Albanian and other cities in the region.
  • Promote Albanian design culture and art practices in the regional and international partners’ network.
  • Exchange national/international experiences in the fields of design, architecture, art in general as well as conceptual theories of contemporary cities focusing on contexts of social, cultural, economic dynamics and the role of design in their promotion.
  • Cultivate citizens’ participation in design through creative processes by increasing the scale and kinds of exchange between citizens and the city.

These creative processes may include craftsmanship, urban activation, public art, and the short-term or long-term interventions in the city.

More information

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Photo credit: Samson Creative