Webinar: How and where can technology enable resilience in incremental housing production?

Experiences from India to improve safety and affordability
Wednesday 19 May 2021, 17:00 - 18:30
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The time of the event is 5pm CET.

About the webinar

While initiatives in sectors such as healthcare, education, and agriculture have successfully leveraged digital platforms to improve skills, empower field force with access to know-how; harnessing technology remains under-explored in the informal housing sector.

Practitioners globally committed to disaster resilient housing acknowledge that delivering technical assistance in informal settlements is a challenge on multiple fronts- resources intensive, one that demands a skilled workforce and requires customization often hindering outreach at scale.

What to expect?

The webinar will present the ambitions and features of NEEV- a technology platform, designed by an interdisciplinary team at mHS Global Impact. The interactive webinar is an opportunity for participants to discuss the application in diverse geographical & socio-political contexts- where and how can technology truly enable informal housing to be safe, resilient and affordable?


Mukta Naik is an architect, urban planner and a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research India. She completed a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from Texas A&M University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Urban Development and Governance from IHS. As trustee for a Gurugram-based NGO and a Board Member for a Netherlands-based Foundation, she is also deeply involved in community-based initiatives. Her main research interests involve housing and urban poverty, urban informality, and internal migration, as well as urban transformations in small cities. 

Marco Ferrario is an architect and co-founder of mHS Global Impact, a social enterprise for resilient housing & inclusive cities. He brings a strategic approach to problem solving and has worked on innovations for homeless shelters, solutions for refugee camps and a leveraging technology delivering construction technical assistance for self-built low-income housing. Marco graduated from the Politecino Di Milano in 2003 and participated in the Global Social Entrepreneurship Program at Yale School of Management (2010 & 2013). In 2018, Marco delivered a TEDX talk in Chennai on Inclusive Design: Right to safe and Affordable Housing in India Cities

Rakhi Mehra is co-founder of mHS Global Impact. As a Rhodes scholar and MBA graduate of Harvard (‘09), Rakhi has worked with the World Bank, CARE India, Ashoka Fellows, RABO Bank, Jeffery Sachs’ office at Columbia University. She studied Economics at St. Stephens College, Delhi (2001), and read Politics, Philosophy & Economics at Oxford University (2001-03). In 2011 she was awarded the Social Enterprise Fellowship by Harvard Business School. Rakhi currently designs experiential learning projects with Bocconi University, IE Business School and Franklin University.