Jen Heemann

Research Assistant, Climate Change & Sustainability

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Research Assistant, Climate Change & Sustainability

As a Research Assistant at IHS, Jen collaborates in the PROSPECT Horizon 2020 project, UESC specialisation, research workshop, and research articles and publications in the field of urban climate change and energy. 

Jen is a curious researcher interested in the transition to sustainable development. In 2016 she pursued her MSc degree in Urban Management and Development at the IHS, where she focused her studies on climate change mitigation in cities. Her master thesis explored the level of implementation of mitigation measures adopted by European cities signatories of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, as well as the governance and institutional factors that influence the execution of such measures.

Before undertaking the master programme, Jen worked for eight years as a communication strategist and co-founded Bela Rua, a not-for-profit organisation that builds awareness about urban issues and improves public spaces in Brazilian cities. Her projects were published in main newspapers, magazines, and in the City at Eye Level book, and presented at several conferences, such as the Future of Places (Buenos Aires, 2014), the Placemaking Leadership Council Meeting (Detroit, 2013), and the World Social Forum (Porto Alegre, 2013). 

In 2015, she received a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Brazil to have a work experience at a not-for-profit organisation in New York City, where she developed the Public Space Guide to support citizens with tools and techniques to improve their cities. Furthermore, Jen is interested in making scientific findings more accessible and attractive to the broader public. Her first attempt was to create a website to share her master thesis' conclusions, which is available here.