Land Markets and Informal Settlement Regularisation


3 weeks


2018 - cancelled

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EU: 27 June 2019/ non-EU: 27 May 2019**

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LMISR 2019

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 Paul Rabe

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What will I learn?

How can we create options for low-income households so they do not have to resort to informality? How can we effectively use innovative and preventive land instruments? What strategies and tools can we employ to deal with land market issues?

Existing informal settlements need to be regularised and upgraded but their growth needs to be decompressed. More and more people, and increasingly not only the poor, have no alternative other than to resort to slums using a substantial part of their own resources to access land. Preventative land strategies should accompany regularisation efforts in order to re-align land markets, mobilise the resources already in use and produce serviced land for all.

This course will enable you to understand the underlying causes of informal occupation of land and slum formation, to acquire knowledge and skills to develop strategies to improve slums and to form policies that create options to prevent new slum formation.

How will I learn?

Land Markets and Informal Settlement Regularisation is intensive in nature and demands a proactive attitude from participants. The course employs a wide variety of learning methods including lectures, practical exercises, case study analyses, role-playing games, films, discussions and debates. The course draws from lessons learned through international experiences and stimulates creative thinking as participants are exposed to contexts from a wide variety of countries.

Do I have the right profile for this course?

If you are interested in land, housing and urban policies in developing countries or involved with land as a decision maker at local, metropolitan and national government levels, a development professional, a lecturer or teacher or a professional from civic society groups then this course is right for you. Please check our admission requirements to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for the course.


This course will be offered in collaboration with UN-Habitat.

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