Action Planning Workshop

Course introduction

The Action planning Workshop incorporates the concepts learned during the Urban Governance, Policy, Planning and Public Private Partnerships (UGPPP) module in a practical, one-week exercise.  

Course objectives

After this module, the students should be able to:

  • Describe the Action Planning process and provide practical examples of each of its steps
  • Work with and apply key tools for decision making, according with the Action Planning
  • Develop an integrated Action Plan, working in a multidisciplinary group
  • Stimulate the organisation and implementation of a participatory planning process

Present and communicate the Action Plan to an audience of professionals and the community

Course content

The one week Action Planning workshop follows the next steps into a planning cycle:

1. Problem identification with a case study (Rotterdam, Sao Polo or Nairobi)

2. Development of an integrated strategy that takes into account issues faced in different sectors (e.g. space and place, land and housing, economy and wellbeing, environment and climate change, large scale/social infrastructure and basic services).

3. Implementation part that incorporates the different needs and interests of various actors and stakeholders into the final strategy.

Course information


Action Planning Workshop


Block 1




Carley Pennink; Alexander Jachnow; Ore Fika




Short lectures; Group work; Discussions and collaboration; Presentation of final strategy in plenary


Group work 100%