MSc Urban Management and Development

Career opportunities for Master Urban Management and Development

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Skills after graduation

Graduates of this master are managers who are well trained in strategic planning, policy development, governance, communication, negotiation, research and economic analysis. You will be equipped with the knowledge to be an innovative urban manager. You will have a broad knowledge regarding urban issues, policies and trends from local and international perspectives that are in different geographical contexts and social environments. 

After graduation you will be able to apply new methodologies and techniques in your work. You will be able to incorporate some of the new innovative approaches and concepts that you learned. You will also be able to effectively plan, manage and define tasks for others. Having studied in the international IHS environment you will be able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

We conducted a survey in order find out how this course contributed to our alumni careers.

Below you can see the results

83,3% of the students learned how to collaborate more effectively with colleagues
83,6% apply new methods in their work
85% became better at planning and managing
88% perform their tasks more effectively
85,4% incorporate innovative approaches at work
90,1% increased their personal effectiveness at work

Career options 

After you graduate you will be an expert with an extended knowledge in the sphere of urban management and development. The career prospects of urban management development graduates are excellent. Cities are expanding increasingly fast, this means that there is a big demand in urban professionals who are able to come up with solutions and innovations that will make a big difference in a city. Once you’ve completed the programme you will be able to work in various sectors ranging from city/town planner to urban economy and finance specialist. 

IHS is a highly reputable institute with a strong reputation with donor agencies and training centres worldwide . Our lecturers have outstanding international experience and continue to work all over the world therefore creating a possibility to discuss and initiate links to programmes and projects in countries and cities of the participants.

Here are a few examples of positions taken up by our graduates:

  • Project manager circular economy at Philips
  • Urban governance and policy specialist at UN Habitat
  • Architectural consultant at Asian Development Bank
  • Spatial planning advisor at GIZ 

Alumni stories

Below you can read alumni stories and find out how their career and professional life changed after their studies at IHS.  

Career Support

Here at IHS we offer you a lot of support in order to help you prepare for your future career. Throughout the year the Alumni Relations office organizes a variety of events and workshops with the aim to give you training and to keep you informed on the latest developments and trends around urbanization. 

These are a few examples of events and workshops that have been organized in the past by our Alumni Relations office:

  • Life beyond IHS
  • UMD 2016 meets UMD 2017
  • Alumni days
  • Urban professionals awards
  • Gross urban happiness workshop

A good example is the Life beyond IHS event. This is an event organised yearly for IHS students to get practical career advice and insights on maximising the potential of their professional network. Regular speakers at this event are representatives of the Holland Alumni Network, The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and alumni, who share their experience on finding new career paths after graduating from IHS. This is a key event for current students, who can find out very valuable information about career services and portals, Search Year Visa and start-up schemes in the Netherlands, as well as tips and tricks about job hunting or studying further.

    The IHS Alumni International Network

    During the course of 60 years the IHS has developed an extensive and international network with former students. The IHS Alumni are urban professionals who have key positions in projects, programmes and organisations in public, private and academic sectors. The IHS alumni have formed a unique and global network of international contacts which currently has more than 9000 urban professionals in 143 countries that are actively engaged in the field. Once you graduate you will be able to benefit from this diverse and extensive network of urban professionals. As a student of IHS you will also have the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds with whom you exchange experience and knowledge.

    In 2009 the IHS alumni international network was established. It was created with the purpose that the IHS alumni can stay connected with each other. The primary aim of this network is to foster professional ideas and support. The objective and slogan is “sharing urban knowledge” internationally.

    The IHS Alumni International network is governed by a Board and is supported by the IHS Alumni Relations Office (ARO) which also acts as a secretariat to the board. The ARO is embedded in IHS and consists of IHS staff and interns. The Alumni International Board oversees the activity of Local Alumni Associations and connects alumni through various events and initiatives.

    The goals of IHS AI are to maintain and promote the formation of IHS Alumni Associations around the world, and to provide a platform to support active interaction between them, IHS and the urban world.

    The IHS Alumni International Network website

     In order for the IHS alumni to stay in touch with each other the IHS Alumni International Networks has launched a brand new website. The website serves as a communication channel where the IHS AI shares all activities, knowledge and urban stories of alumni that contribute to making cities work.

    Moreover, the IHS AI frequently features alumni on the spotlight. These are alumni who tell stories about how their career and professional life changed after their studies at IHS, what challenges they faced and what drives them to make cities work. What you can also find are stories on urban topics written by our alumni. You can read more about it on the website.

    On the website you can also find information about the Alumni board, The Alumni relations office and projects/activities that are being organized. There is also a blog where we frequently publish articles on urban topics and news about events and workshops that has been organized by the Alumni relations office.