MSc Urban Management and Development

Meet the IHS lecturers

IHS strongly believes in linking theory and practice which means that lecturers teaching the MSc in Urban Management and Development spend a substantial amount of time working on real-life projects across the globe. Learn more about the IHS advisory, training and research projects here.

Looking at cities from different perspectives, our lecturers educate urban professionals with diverse backgrounds, consult national and local governments from the Global South and engage in cutting-edge urban research. They bring practical experience from real-life projects back to the classroom and work at the forefront of urban development to improve the wellbeing of people living in cities.

Dr. Alexander Jachnow

Dr. Jachnow is an urban development specialist with 19 years of experience in research and consultancy. Prior to joining IHS, he worked in Urban Governance Programmes of GIZ, KfW, World Bank and ADB. He now heads the Urban Strategies and Planning Specialisation and focuses on capacity-building through urban management and policy frameworks.

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Dr. Carley Pennink

Dr. Pennink is a capacity building expert, with extensive experience in working with public-private partnerships and looking into how they drive change at a municipal level. She has provided institutional support to training service organisations throughout Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. At IHS, she is the Head of International Projects and Advisory Services.

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Dr. Jan Fransen

Local economic development specialist with over 20 years of experience in research focused on urban employment, global value chains and evolutionary economics. He has carried out assignments for the World Bank, European Commission, United Nations, NGO’s and government bodies worldwide.

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Dr. Maartje van Eerd

Dr. van Eerd is a human geographer, specialised in housing and social development with focus on resettlement and fighting forced evictions. As a member of the National Advisory Board in Nigeria, she advocates for secure tenure and promotes access to land and affordable housing.

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