Meet the Jury

Shyam Khandekar

Shyam Khandekar, founder of DAIDA FOUNDATION is the Chairman of its Board of Trustees. He is an architect, urban-planner and urban-designer who has led multi-disciplinary design teams in major urban and landscape projects in Netherlands and India.

Shyam Khandekar is the co-founder of MY LIVEABLE CITY, an international knowledge platform that publishes magazines & books and organizes conferences and educational programs. He believes cities can only be called successful and sustainable  if they can be made truly liveable for all. He is author of the book DESIGNING FOR SUSTAINABILITY  THROUGH UPCYCLING ( NAI010, 2020) and co-author of the book AFFORDABLE HOUSING, INCLUSIVE CITIES ( ORO, 2019). He has lectured extensively about his thoughts and his designs at universities and conferences around the world.

Melissa Navarra

Melissa Navarra is an Assistant Professor in Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines teaching Sociology. She has over two decades of government experience in involuntary eviction, resettlement, and housing prior to joining the Ateneo Faculty. During years in the government, as Head of the Resettlement Division, she designed, pioneered, and led government’s Participatory Resettlement Monitoring with “Community Building” in resettlement sites in different provinces in the Philippines through the “Community Organizing and Community Building Approach” under USD   4.6 million budget ; led the participatory remedial interventions in 18 resettlement sites with 30,000 families and secured USD 36 million budget. 

Melissa is also the Executive Director of Joly Homes Foundation, an NGO that implements community organizing in informal settlements and resettlement sites towards formation of  cooperative and social enterprises, and initiates policy review and formulation in the area of resettlement and housing.

Claudio Acioly Jr.

Claudio Acioly Jr is an architect and urban planner, a development practitioner with nearly 40 years of experience in more than 30 countries working as a practicing expert, program manager, resident technical and policy advisor or short-term consultant to governments, bilateral and multilateral organizations, academic institutions, civil society organizations and community-based organizations.

Acioly specialized in housing and slum upgrading. Throughout the years he worked intensively in the nexus housing and land policies-city development strategies, combining it with capacity building, programme development and policy implementation.