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  • The international heart of IHS

    Did you know that every year here at IHS we welcome more than 200 students from over 45 nationalities? 
  • Alumni Spotlight: María Ruiz de Gopegui

    María is an IHS alumna who graduated from the Urban Management and Development Master's.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Oleksandra Tkachenko

    Oleksandra comes from Ukraine, and joined the Urban Management and Development Master programme in 2015, choosing the Urban Strategies and Planning…
  • Alumni spotlight: Rozita Singh

    Rozita Singh is from New Delhi and came to the Netherlands to join IHS as part of the Orange Knowledge Programme. She graduated from the Urban Management and…
  • Alumni Spotlight: Crinezza Mendoza

    Crinezza Mendoza is an IHS alumna, originally from the Philippines.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Mubeen Ahmad

    "What I enjoy the most is not making buildings, but creating livelihoods". Mubeen Ahmad is an IHS alumnus, who graduated from the MSc programme in Urban…