Urban Governance and Development
PhD programme

PhD programme Urban Development and Governance

Study Programme

IHS provides an environment that stimulates inspiring ideas on the crossroads of theory and practice in urban development and governance. Urban professionals grow as individuals and as academics and the knowledge and the ideas they develop at IHS will contribute to them making a positive impact on the world.

The IHS PhD programme provides a refreshing academic-to-practice environment in which talented individuals can develop their ideas and broaden their experience to become the leading professionals in research, education and practice of urban development. IHS guarantees a productive working environment and offers a flexible programme with a variety of modalities. IHS also offers a variety of collaboration options to post-doctoral researchers.


Students in the PhD programme receive an à la carte menu of courses, tailored to the various stages of the PhD track: Introduction courses for beginning PhD students; methodology courses and philosophy of science; In-depth theory courses for advanced PhD students; and final stages courses. Students engage with colleagues in a small-class environment on challenging research problems of interest to both academia and practice. Studying the PhD at IHS gives students the opportunity to directly contribute to research and education and receive a combination of academic guidance, as well as reflection from years of practical experience in the fields below. 

If you want to find out more about your research options, click below for more information about the research clusters on the following themes:

Urban Strategies and Planning

Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

Urban Land Governance

Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice

Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure

Urban Competitiveness and Resilience