Short research stay in Rotterdam
Visiting researchers

Visiting Researchers

The IHS welcomes qualified applicants with interests in the field of Urban Development and Governance to come to Rotterdam as a Visiting Researcher for a short research stay. Visiting Researchers are individuals whose primary purpose for visiting the Erasmus campus is to conduct individual research.

Visiting Researchers are provided a variety of possibilities. We offer a stimulating research environment where you can enjoy the exchange of thoughts and ideas with other academics (staff page) who share research interests similar to your own and who will be happy to assist you on your journey. IHS offers flexible working spaces for your research so that you can work on campus. You will have access to the vast resources of the university library system. You will also find yourself within Rotterdam, one of the Netherland’s most innovative cities, which is an amazing resource.

The programme for Visiting Researchers is open to Postdoc researchers and academic staff from all over the world. The ideal length of stay for a Visiting Researchers is three months. In order to cover the campus services (excluding housing), the IHS charges an administration fee of € 1,500 for one semester (6 months) or € 900 for up to 3 months.

To apply for a research stay at IHS, please submit the following documents:

-    CV;
-    Description of the purpose of your stay. This proposal must at least contain some intended outputs (case studies, theoretical review, project proposal development, etc.);
-    Applicants are required to have master’s degree or higher.

Please submit your research proposal and CV to For further inquiries, you can contact Peter Scholten ( For information about the PhD programme you can visit the Urban Development and Governance programme page here or download the brochure.