Over the years IHS has built up a unique and global network of international contacts with former students. IHS Alumni are usually mid-career practitioners occupying key positions in projects, programmes and organisations from the public, private and academic sectors. In 60 years, the IHS alumni have formed a unique global network of international contacts, which has grown into a community of over 9,000 urban professionals in 143 countries, who share common roots at IHS.

The IHS Alumni International (IHS AI) is a network of urban professionals established in 2009, in response to the need for all IHS alumni to stay connected. Its primary aim is fostering professional ideas and support. 

To support the network in strengthening and membership building, the IHS Alumni Relations Office was established in 2009, in Rotterdam.  Any questions regarding support and services for IHS alumni can be directed to 

Stay Connected!

The IHS AI blog – Making Cities Work– is a fantastic way of keeping up-to-date with everything that is happening with IHS and our alumni. Here you can read a collection of alumni stories, find out about the latest IHS events and even write blog posts of your own!

Alumni can also keep in touch with us on LinkedIn and Facebook. We host an official IHS Alumni group on Facebook and LinkedIn called “IHS Alumni International”.
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If you are an alumnus of IHS, you are also encouraged to register to the Holland Alumni Network . This is a network of alumni who studied in the Netherlands being set up by the NUFFIC (Netherlands Organization for Cooperation in Higher Education).

Meet our Alumni!

Our alumni are awesome people, who work on meaningful projects around the world. We are very proud and happy to hear stories from them and to find out how this programme contributed along the path of their life and career. If you're curious what's in store for you, read their thoughts here!

Request a copy of your diploma!

Depending on the document that you have requested, IHS is able to provide this service for a certain fee. Below you may find scenarios on requesting  a copy of your diploma.

Scenario 1: Requesting an Original Diploma

IHS will NOT issue an original diploma. Our policy only allows us to issue one original copy of the diploma per student upon graduation.

Scenario 2:  requesting a copy of your diploma and/or transcript via regular postal service

Yes, IHS will be able to provide you with a copy of your diploma and/or transcript.
Fee:  35 Euros for each copy of transcript and/or diploma*.
Waiting time:  Within four weeks after placing a request.

Scenario 3: requesting a copy of diploma and/or transcript via courier service

Yes, IHS will be able to provide you with a copy of your diploma and/or transcript.
Fee: 90 Euros for each copy of transcript and/or diploma*.
Waiting time:  Within two weeks after placing a request.

How to request a copy of your diploma

Please contact the Educational Management Office at: and state:

  • Your most current address with the PO box.
  • Method of transfer: courier or regular postal mail.
  • If you would like the documents to be sent to a university, please provide the most current address of the university and the contact person details.

Once the Educational Management Office has replied to your email, you will be requested to kindly deposit the fee to IHS. The bank account details can be found below.
Upon receipt of confirmation, IHS will send the certified copy of the document to you via courier mailing service or regular post mail. IHS will send you a confirmation email on the day the diploma and/or transcript is sent.

*Please note that a percentage of the fee will be donated to the IHS International Alumni Fund 

Bank account details:

Bank name: ABN AMRO
IBAN: NL54 ABNA 0426 037 944
Bank address: ABN AMRO, Coolsingel 93, 3012 AE, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.