Sustainable Development Goals: A useful compass for cities?

It is widely acknowledged that cities have the potential to make giant leaps in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  The problem with this is that for this to be true, the SDG’s would have to “localized”.  In October, 2016, 167 countries adopted the New Urban Agenda (NUA), which is a necessary step in localising the SDGs. However, this may be insufficient.  And so, two years later we will  question if the SDG’s and NUA are indeed a useful compass for cities.

The following questions will guide this panel:

  • Are the SDG’s and NUA perceived as useful compass by all urban stakeholders?
  • How do cities connect their visions, strategies and actions towards the SDG framework?
  • Can cities achieve all goals simultaneously or do they select goals? How?
  • How can cities and nation states collaborate in realizing the SDGs by 2030? What is the role of national urban policies?
  • How is progress measured?