Training in Urban Heritage Strategies

Specialists from the Urban Heritage Strategies area have offered two-week trainings to professionals who share their experiences and learn from their peers in addition to all the experts’ lectures and visits to organisations and projects.

The content of each training is tailored around a case study approach.

During the course participants work in small groups on a case study following the steps of the Action Planning Methodology. The outcome of the workshop is to create a plan of action in which the case study is used to apply the knowledge gained and skills acquired during the course.

At the end of the course participants will have developed their capacity in terms of cognitive knowledge and interactive skills to perform urban management of urban heritage as well as having exchanged expertise and experience with fellow participants.

This will be achieved by:

-       Understanding the economic, social and ecological factors that determine the future developments of urban heritage.

-       Having insight in how heritage conservation can be integrated into urban planning, and how adaptive reuse can serve this goal.

-       Analysing the development potentials and -risks of heritage resources.

-       Strategizing on the future development of urban heritage.

-       Creating political commitment, promoting public awareness and defining economic feasibility;

-       Linking theory to practice through the application of the Action planning methodology.

-       Developing an Action Plan for an urban heritage intervention.

-       Presenting, defending and discussing an Action Plan.