Research in Infrastructure and Green Cities

Infrastructure and Green Cities staff are currently involved in the following research project:

  • Global green city index: Research to develop a global green city index to measure and compare the environmental performance of cities across the 5 continents and to demonstrate claims that a green city is also liveable competitive and sustainable. Funded by IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam. (Coordinator: Dr Ogenis Brilhante; IHS staff involved: Jannes Klaas, Julia Skinner and Somesh Sharma)

The IGC team has published the following articles as a result of researches:

  • Brilhante, O., Sharma, S., Pujari, S., Shrestha, N., Bajracharya. A., Adhikari, 2017. Strengthening supply chains for a sustainable housing sector in Nepal: Factors influencing the organization, management, relationships and the adoption and use of green practices, products and services, International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains (IJMVSC) Vol. 8, No. 1.  Research coordinated by Dr Ogenis Brilhante as part of the Switch Asia project.
  • Sharma, Somesh and Harry, Geerlings. 2017 "Sustainability Benefits Assessment in Urban Transport Project Appraisal: A New Method of Transport Project Appraisal". Smart and Sustainable Planning For Cities and Regions. Adriano Bisello et al. 1st ed. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 185-204.
  • Gianoli, A. and Otgaar, A., 2016, Integrated housing development programme (Addis Ababa). In: L. Carvalho, L. van den Berg, H. Galal and P. Teunisse eds., [2016]. Delivering sustainable competitiveness: revisiting the organising capacity of cities. London: Routledge. pp. 61-75.
  • Brilhante, O., 2016. Fórum Urbano Nacional de Pesquisa, FUN-P, Maputo, Mozambique, 7 and 8 June. Compact city versus making room for future cities expansion in the context of Nampula, Mozambique. Research coordinated by Dr Alex Jachnow, USP group on the urban expansion and compactness debate in the context of Mozambique. City Alliance funded research. Other staff involved: MSc. Els  Keunen and Carolina Lunetta.