Advisory in Strategic Urban Planning and Policy

With the mission to engage in reflective practices on socio-spatial processes towards better urban governance, USP is interested in the developments in the “global urban scene”. USP offers consultancy work for organisations and DC agencies such as European Commission, GIZ, KfW, OECD, UN-Habitat, UNESCO and many local and national governments and NGOs worldwide. See below examples of trainings that have recently been conducted:

Mozambique GIZ 

USP developed a standardised online tool for assessing city administrations’ project planning, financing and management capacities. The tool should assess the C40 selected cities’ capacities in terms of climate awareness, collaboration with internal and external actors, and leadership to bring inclusive, low-carbon, climate-resilient and development-focused projects to finance.

Urban Marker
Institutional bottlenecks in Asian Cities

USP is active in the discussion of the New Urban Agenda (NUA). Alexander Jachnow is the focal point of IHS for the HABITAT III process being a representative of academia at international conferences. USP has also attended the Habitat III Preparatory Committee meetings, participated in a number of sessions and high-level events during and after the H III conference.