PhD research focus in UCR

PhD research focus in Urban Competitiveness and Resilience


Cities cannot be understood as autonomous entities nowadays, as complex processes on local, regional and global scales affect them. In order to understand better these processes, it is important to consider the qualities of the city that influence its performance at the local and regional levels, as well as its position in global economic network.

Overall research field

UCR investigates the relationship between globalization processes, local economic development, and urban conditions facilitating the ability of cities to successfully compete or collaborate with other cities on various scales. Given the increasing dependency of cities on global economic networks, it is crucial to find the balance between social wellbeing, local economic development and global strategies that can ensure resilience to socioeconomic shocks and fluctuations.

Possible topics

Our research interests include (but are not limited to):

  1. Which urban factors, urban policies and urban plans are required to make cities more competitive in the global economic network?
  2. Which urban characteristics are important for attracting Greenfield Foreign Direct Investments in cities?
  3. How to develop more resilient cities and with healthy relationships between local, regional and global firms?
  4. Which economic sectors should be promoted in cities in order to boost sustainable local economic development and social wellbeing?
  5. How does global economic unevenness affect economic inequality in African countries and cities?
  1. Could Africa Feed the World?
  1. Agricultural Revolution and Urbanization in Africa
  1. Towards African Technologies
  1. Urban Planning and Socio-economic Inequality