Training in Urban Competitiveness and Resilience

UCR has provided trainings for clients, local governments, international organisations, professionals and IHS alumni. These trainings have resulted in manuals, handbooks, policy documents and other publications. Recent trainings provided include:

- Global competitive cities: Agricultural revolution and urbanization in Africa, 26/10-07/10/2016, Johannesburg, South Africa [Client: Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)]

The course is mainly intended for NFP alumni from South Africa and other Sub Saharan African countries. It aimed to provide information on African cities within the global economic network, understand how food security is a pre-requisite for African urbanization and create food surplus for trade.

- Competitiveness and resilience of African cities: Strategies for reducing urban inequalities and improving economic development potentials for Cape Town, 06-07/2014, Cape Town, South Africa [Client: Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)]

The course delivered ideas on how to improve the economic growth of African cities and thereby tackle issues of unemployment and poverty. It also explored the development of knowledge-intensive industries and the impact of hosting global events such as the World Cup.

- Strelka, 02-05/2014, Moscow, Russia [Client: Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design] The aim of the training was to understand the magnitude of the informal economy in Russia and its impact for local economic development. The outcome was the article titled “Moscow behind the façade of informality”