Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

As our world is getting increasingly more urbanised, there is a growing awareness of environmental and climate change issues, but also increasing interest in researching possible environmental policies and actions to address these issues.

Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change (UESC) addresses theoretical and practical approaches to urban environmental, sustainability and climate change management issues. UESC looks at how cities can adapt to climate change impacts and how to minimise environmental effects on humans and urban infrastructure. Such urgencies create opportunities for resilient urban development focusing on low carbon development, climate resilience, green growth, circular economy, ecosystem services in cities’ context from governance, urban climate change, integrated sustainability, policy, planning and morphology perspectives.

Urban environmental and climate change management is a multifaceted topic. UESC includes members with different academic and professional backgrounds and diverse expertise and competencies. Strong conceptual combinations are structured in order to expand on the work done by scholars and experts in the field of low-carbon, green and resilient urban development. 


Photo credit: Huy Thoai